Delegate to Elevate

Hi there! I’m Claudine Chicote, your creative virtual assistant partner for streamlined operations and standout brand presence. Let me handle the details so you can focus on big-picture growth!

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Time is your most valuable asset.  Outsource the marketing grind to a creative virtual assistant and reclaim those precious hours.  I’ll handle social media, email campaigns, and content creation so you can drive growth and see real results.

Who is VA Claudine?


Claudine is a Creative Virtual Assistant from the Philippines with over six years of experience in the industry. She is capable of helping small to medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches through effective social media management, email marketing, sales funnel crafting, and creative assistance such as graphic designing, podcast editing, website designing, and video editing.

My Services

What Can I Do For You?

Social Media Management

Email Marketing

Podcast Management

Creative Assistance


Check out my previous work

Rather than continuing to tell you what I can do, why not take a look for yourself? I’m proud of all my previous projects, and believe the success I’ve managed to cultivate in the past speaks for itself. Follow the link below to see some of my work.


How Much Does It Cost?

Social Media Marketing

Package Price Starts at $240/month

  • $640/month (80 hours)
  • $320/month (40 hours)
  • $240/month (30 hours)

Email Marketing

Package Price Starts at $300/month

  • $800/month (80 hours)
  • $400/month (40 hours)
  • $300/month (30 hours)

Podcast Management

Podcast management starts at $10 per hour, but this will vary depending on the level of the project. Let’s discuss more about this via video call to support you better!

Creative Assistance

Pricing will vary on the kind of project you’d like me to do. Let’s talk and discuss via video call.


What My Clients Say

" Having Claudine on the team for the last few years has been delightful. She’s able to completely separate me from customer emails or questions which allows me to focus on the stuff that adds long term value. What surprised me was when she recently tackled some of our creative work for social media totally crushed it. She’s now doing that at 20% the cost that the graphic designer was. She’s also super friendly, which makes our video chats always full of a few laughs. We’re still working together, and she’s a solid part of my team."
Owner of LockPaperScissors
"Claudine is an amazing resource. She’s very hardworking and has background knowledge in a lot of areas including real estate, ecommerce, social media marketing and editing and production. She’s capable of running multiple accounts at once such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter etc. The best part for my company to work with Claudine was her ability to sound just like me, the CEO. That allowed me to give her full control over our social media and none suspected the voice was any different than my own. I highly recommend Claudine and would be happy to chat more about her."
Yeti Homes CEO & Compass Realtor
Claudine helped me to set up my landing page and blog posts in WordPress. She got good taste in creating visuals for social media. We spent some time to evaluate social media strategy. Also, she is proactive and finds time management tolls that speed up our remote communication and make processes much easier. I spoke with many VAs but chose Claudine because she is proficient in English, responsive and very involved.
Co-Founder of Wonder Reactor
"This letter is to thank you for all of your help with the management assistance. You are truly a passionate assistant in every sense. You helped me to organize and move every requirement that we had and it's common in any startup company. You helped me in the whole job acquisitions process with numerous candidates around the world with different time zones and setups. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a virtual assistant to anyone I know. I am happy to have worked with you and truly appreciate your efforts.
Country Head of Machine Ventures
I am writing to recommend Claudine Chicote as a virtual assistant. I had the pleasure of working with Claudine at RightHear, and she was a competent member of our team. Claudine is a reliable and organized person who was able to handle the tasks and responsibilities assigned to her. She has a strong work ethic and is always willing to take on additional work. She provided support for our team and helped keep our operations running smoothly. In terms of her communication and team skills, Claudine is polite and professional. She was able to maintain good relationships with her colleagues and contribute to a positive working environment. Overall, I recommend Claudine for a virtual assistant role, and I believe she has the potential to provide valuable support and guidance to those who work with her.
Co-Founder and CEO of RightHear