Hi there, it's me VA Claudine

My journey as a Virtual Assistant was unplanned, but as they always say, “Unplanned things are the best and exciting!”

I have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication. I was eager to find a job after graduation, and I promise to accept any job even if it’s not related to my course. Thankfully, a week after my graduation I was hired as an office-based Administrative VA at Pepper Virtual Assistants. As a fresh graduate, I have zero ideas that the Virtual Assistance industry exists, and to be honest, it was a blessing in disguise! 

After a year, I resigned from my first job as I was offered a job in one of the local AM radio stations. Of course, I grabbed that opportunity because it’s my dream to work in the media industry, and my goal was to become a TV reporter. 

But while I am working in the media and learning more about the industry, it feels like I’m taking the wrong path. Despite the offers to become a TV reporter, I left. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life, but I thanked God I chose a different path because it takes me to where I am now. 

Today, I’m happily working as a Virtual Assistant and owning a VA agency with my friends. The industry I’m in right now is the gateway to unleash the purpose God has prepared for me. It gives joy to me every day knowing that I’m doing the things I love, as well as provide opportunities to other people is heartwarming!